Programs and Events

Holidays for Little Huskers
  • Holidays for Little Huskers is a program out of The Women’s Center that connects children of UNL Students to donors for the holiday season. The Women’s Center collects information about the children, and then sends the child’s preferences to a donor. The donor then buys the gifts and drops them off at The Women’s Center. The Women’s Center then connects with the parents of the child to arrange pickup.
  • Parents & Guardians:
    Gift pick-up is 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. December 5–9, 2022 at Nebraska Union, Room 340.

UNL Women’s Center Children’s Book Library
  • The Women’s Center library is a part of the UNL Library System. Any book within The Women’s Center Children’s Book Library can be checked out by any UNL student to be enjoyed with their child. There are over 400 books in the Children’s Book Library that range in age from infants to Young Adult. The book selection is very diverse in content and character, including books written in various languages. The books are also non-fiction and fiction.